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Let's Talk Sage Smudging

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Lets Talk Sage Smudging!



What is Smudging and how do you do it?



Burning Sage, also known as 'Smudging' is an ancient spiritual ritual which is most commonly used to cleanse a negative space, promote healing and generate clarity and wisdom. 



In order to complete a successful Smudging Ceremony you will need to gather and prepare some supplies, this will vary depending on the kind of ceremony you are performing. Remember to always practice safely! Hold your smudge stick over a fireproof container at all times to prevent glowing embers from falling to the floor as you smudge. Gently waft the smoke around the room with your hand (this can be done with a large feather also) and remember to remain connected to your breathing throughout the session. When you feel that you have successfully smudged the areas that needed cleansing return to your start point and gently put out your smudge stick. Remain in the healed space for a few moments then pack away your supplies until your next session. Keep in mind that Smudging is a sacred ceremony so it is best to perform one when you are in a place of full awareness and in a mindful, slow manner.



What are the benefits?



In addition to clearly a space of negative energy, the benefits of Smudging are many, including...



1. Your focus could improve as it helps you to recenter your thoughts, giving you the mental clarity you need to able to get through the rest of your day if you're feeling unfocused or confused.



2. it has great relaxing effects. Smudging can provide effects that are known to normalise breathing rates and lower tension and blood pressure, as the negative ions produced are absorbed directly into your bloodstream.



3. it can help to improve the quality of your sleep. Research suggests that Sage contains a medley that can be effective in easing insomnia and Smudging has long been a tool use to safeguard against energies that could interfere with sleep.



4. It can help to help to improve your mood as it acts as a great ally against stress 



5. It cleanses the air around you by helping to clear it of pollen, mould spores, dust, pet dander and many other potential allergens, improving allergy symptoms

6. It can be very purifying! A 2007 study found that after an hour of burning sage the levels of aerial bacteria deceased by 94% and the effects lasted for up to 24 hours afterwards.



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