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The mission of Ascended Soul is to have a virtual high end, luxury department store that influences for good. We will serve our customers through beautiful energy products and fine jewellery creations that allow people to find their own individual sense of style and spirituality.

Welcome to Ascended Soul Ltd

The company is an all-female, all family run company based in Liverpool. On this page the founders share their backgrounds, some of their trials and tribulations and what lead them on the spiritual path. They do this in order to reflect exactly what the business is about which is healing, helping, connecting and building strength. All 3 directors are on their own personal journeys to clear old and limiting beliefs, helping them live a life full of love, joy and true abundance. They feel that it’s important to share a part of who they are, so that people can relate more to what’s behind the brand. For Ascended Soul Ltd, it’s vital that the primary message is that they’re not just in business to make money. There is a genuinely urge to serve and help others on their quest to connect with their higher selves and find their truth. Life is difficult sometimes. However, no matter who you are or what your current situation is, it’s important that you understand that YOU MATTER! This site is here to bring healing and spirituality into your life, but also to help you on your path and to let you know that you are most definitely not alone in this world.

Below is a short and personal bio from each of the founders of Ascended Soul, which they hope will help you get to know them a little better.

From left to right: Rechelle, Nadine & Rhianne

Nadine Griffin – ‘My background is predominantly IT and Computer Science. After finishing University, I originally wanted to become an IT teacher! On a personal level, I’ve always wanted (what would seem like) the simple things in life…nice house, husband, children, good job, 'white picket fence', that kind of thing. As I got older and things didn’t pan out that way, I began to realise how deep-rooted this picture-perfect lifestyle was within me. I began to put a massive amount of pressure on myself in order to achieve it. I became unhappy that I wasn’t living the ‘ideal’ that I’d created in my mind’s eye. I slowly started to work on it and look deep into my consciousness. Thankfully I’ve started to cleanse and relieve myself of that pressure. In early 2017 I became pregnant, myself and my fiancé were over the moon. I felt like my desires for a family were finally coming true. Heartbreakingly we lost our unborn baby and I have since suffered a further 2 miscarriages in August 2017 and February 2018. It’s been the hardest time of my life; however, it’s steered me in a new direction. After the first miscarriage, I was lost and didn't know how to processes my feelings and so I turned to spiritual healing and holistic therapies. I began regular Reiki sessions which has been a huge help in clearing out any negativity I was holding on to and cleansing my energy. When I look back at how I was then to the person I am today I am a different person for the better despite going through the worst experiences of my life. My journey to become a Mum continues but the more I tune into spirituality, the more content I become in knowing that one day my dream will come true and I will have my rainbow baby.

I want to help others in my situation. I’m still on my path just like everybody else, still trying to find what we’re here to do, what our soul purpose is! In the meantime, it’s helped me help others. Along with our site Ascended Soul Ltd, I also have a personal blog Wishing On A Rainbow which tells my story in its entirety. Through this blog I hope to help other women and families in the same or a similar situation. I believe that being open, talking and coming together is the best way to heal and free ourselves of any pain that we’re in.’

See Nadine's story here:

Rhianne Griffin – ‘I left school as a Grade A student in 2015 and immediately joined my sisters to become a certified Director of Ascended Soul Ltd. However, I wasn’t prepared for how difficult it was. Leaving school with brilliant grades, thinking I could do and be be thrown in a situation with your older sisters who know A LOT more than you do within the subject, and had a relationship that I didn’t feel part of was intimidating. I started to feel like my good grades and knowledge was completely insignificant. I’ve always struggled with self-esteem and self-worth from a young age. In the past I never spoke my truth or how I felt. I didn’t think I was important enough to be heard. As a result of this, I’ve had issues with my weight and suffered terrible migraines and sinus problems. I now know that this was all caused by how I felt inside and that it comes out in the form of external symptoms i.e. weight gain, sinus problems and migraines. I wasn’t being true to myself. I wasn’t listening to my intuition and it was causing me great pain and suffering. I’m so thankful that I’m in this with my sisters as we all share our pain and talk through it. We empower and lift each other and now I feel like I’m on the best possible path I can be on. I want to help people with the same type of issues as myself, even if it’s just to gain a different perspective. We can all learn so much from each other’.

Rechelle Davis – ‘After not knowing what I wanted to be when I hit my late teens, I ended up going for an array of different career paths ranging from a pub singer, to an admin assistant, to a trainee counsellor, but to name a few! I went from one thing to another. Never truly sticking with anything in particular. I’ve always had (just like Rhianne) a lot of issues around self-worth. However, unlike Rhianne, I dealt with it by causing absolute havoc wherever I went! It was my coping mechanism…to put myself in the drama and to also be the cause of drama. It made me feel validated and important. Pregnant at 18, with no real sense of identity I started to go out a lot more, I began drinking, partying and escaping myself in the haze of a permanent hangover. I caused a lot of pain to myself and the people around me. My energy was draining to be around at that time and there was a lot of hurt that lived deep within. Also, like Rhianne, I have struggled with my weight most of my life. When I found my soulmate in 2009, I decided to get a gastric band. I started to consciously practice self-love and go on a quest to find and feel my higher self. I’ve come so far when I look back! I still actively work on self- worth and beliefs that still hold me back to this day. I’m currently in the best physical shape of my adult life, with a beautiful husband and 2 fantastic children, one of which has been medically diagnosed with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). It’s my mission to help my Son with any blockages he has and research these labels/conditions as much as possible in order to help him help himself. It was important for us to give information on how certain crystals and other products can help children as well as adults. In my opinion, if we start these wonderful healing/spiritual practices from an early age, the future will be so much brighter. There is so much more for me to uncover. I want to be open about my story as I think (from a personal perspective) a lack of self-worth can cause a person to believe and do bad things to themselves and others. It’s my aim to make sure those people feel loved and worthy, so that they can begin to heal.

The spiritual path is one that is never ending, infinite and will have you digging deep and uncovering layers of yourself you didn’t know you had!’

All 3 Founders of Ascended Soul Ltd are very much on the path and we find out new things about ourselves each and every day. Please understand that we are not certified practitioners and in no way claim to have the answers you need. We are no better than any one person out there, but we can endeavour to assist your spiritual needs via this site, in any way we can. If there is something you require, and you can’t see it listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to meet those requirements!

Nadine & Rechelle have both completed their First Degree in Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho which is the Usui system of natural healing.

In addition to this all 3 Founders of Ascended Soul Ltd have a lifelong mission for self-directed learning to aid and assist whenever and wherever possible.

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