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Abundance Crystals

These crystals will help you to attract abundance, wealth & prosperity.

The secret to how these crystals are so effective in attracting abundance is in the energy in which they hold & harness & how they affect your overall attraction vibration.

The manifestation process is based on the Law of Attraction (LOA). The LOA can be enhanced with the use of natural crystals that can increase the effectiveness of the law itself. When you combine the LOA with abundance crystals, you increase your thought vibration so they are on the same vibration frequency as those things in which you are wanting to attract & achieve in your life. Think of the crystals as a LOA enhancer.

The key with these crystals & attracting abundance is to have faith in the process, remain calm, relaxed and try to not let negative self-talk or self-doubt build up & throw you off course.

Green Aventurine: This green stone is known as the “Stone of Opportunity” and is considered to be the luckiest of all crystals. It has a winning energy that makes it ideal for boosting your chances in any situation, such as getting a date, winning a prize or landing a promotion at work. Many people have reported getting unexpected money from unknown sources, others reported getting a pay rise, just by simply starting to use this powerful, lucky stone. Carry the stone with you all the times. Creative tip:  place it on top of your money jar or your purse/wallet while you’re sleeping and let the powers seep into your money.

Malachite: This is a beautiful stone that contains linear marks of various shades of green colour to help improve your business prospects. You can take it with you while making some financial deals or interviewing for a job to improve your chances. It can also help you in gaining prosperity by protecting you from attracting unreliable and dishonest people along with attracting good and helpful people for you.

Jade: In China, this milky green stone is a highly admired by everyone as it brings luck & prosperity. You can also turn your luck around by putting a small piece of Jade where you put your wallet or purse at night or where you put money at your business such as a till or money box.

Citrine: This is a deep yellow coloured crystal which is known to bring prosperity. Most business owners usually place it in their till drawer or a cash box to increase their business wealth. Citrine attracts money like a magnet so you can use it if you want more prosperity and wealth in your life. Best to be placed in the abundance corner of your home or business, which is the furthest left corner from your front door.

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