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Children Crystals
Children are deeply rooted-in & connected to the natural world.

Gemstones & crystals are an essential element of the natural world & play an important role in physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Children have a profound and instinctive connection to the healing attributes and energies of stones and crystals so much so that they naturally gravitate towards these at a very young age. Yet so many children are not encouraged to explore the healing powers of these natural elements.

Children’s surrounding are vital to their healthy development and we must endeavour to make them as stimulating as possible. It is a common mistake to overcrowd your child’s bedroom with bright toys and noisy activities, but everyone needs a chance to relax & children especially need plenty of rest and relaxation. You must aim to provide a perfect balance between yin and yang – calm and creative for your children. Your child will sleep better in a place that is relaxing, calming & feels like their own little special safe haven. Sleeping in a bedroom that makes them feel content, safe and secure also makes a huge difference in the sort of dreams your child will have.

Amethyst: Is a very calming crystal that can assist in children sleeping better & preventing nightmares. Place an amethyst under their pillow or by their bed.

Moonstone: Is excellent for children who are dealing with emotional issues or who are hyperactive. Your child can simply hold the crystal or rub it on their forehead - however you may find they will instinctively use the crystal where they need it.

Rose Quartz: A stone which every child should have. It has such a gentle loving energy that it helps children overcome hurt and soothe their emotions. It is also gentle enough for children to wear for longer periods of time in bracelets, pendants or to carry in their pockets.

Tiger’s Eye: A great grounding stone that brings daydreamers back to reality & into the present moment. It is also a great stone for helping children with their self-esteem and can promote courage too. Can be carried in their pocket.

Green Aventurine: Is known as the ‘Good Luck’ stone so would be perfect for children sitting tests or exams or needing some encouragement. It is also a stone of leadership & therefore excellent for shy children & helps all children to show their leadership qualities.

Sodalite: This deep blue stone is a great calmer & can help children think more clearly. It is a useful stone for any student, & taking this to school or placing it where your children do their homework will help them to focus.

Clear Quartz: Known as the 'Master Healer' it is a must for anyone's collection. It acts as an all-purpose healer & can therefore be useful in many situations. Children seem especially drawn to this crystal & can often spot small rainbows within its structure.

Creative Tip: Get your children involved in cleansing their crystals using salt water. They can also get involved with charging their crystals under the new & full moons.

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