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Collaboration Corner Project


Welcome to the Ascended Soul Collaboration Corner Project (ASCCP)
This is a place where sharing, connecting and building together is highly encouraged.

Over the years, all directors of Ascended Soul have collaborated and built up great long lasting relationships with schools, organisations and businesses alike, but never openly put it out into the public domain UNTIL NOW!

It's the Ascended Soul mission to serve, grow, spread awareness and live a life where 'together is better'.

The purpose of the ASCCP is to show people all the amazing tings that happen when we work together.
It promotes growth, gratitude, positivity and has a far wider reach than if someone was on their mission alone.

There are no rules to being a part of the ASCCP as long as you have an idea how we could work together in some capacity for the greater good.

If you would like to take part or be a part of this New Age positivity movement, please contact us and someone will get back to you.

In December 2018, Ascended Soul held a mindfulness mental health workshop at Dovecot Primary School.

The day was incredibly powerful and really brought home the importance of children being able to talk about their feelings openly and honestly.
Thank you to all the staff & pupils at this forward thinking and hard working school.

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