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Healing Guide

If you are looking for crystals for a certain purpose or use, look no further! We have all the information you will need right here! The more you understand crystals, the more effective they are.

Here you will find advice on how to choose & care for your crystals, and how to use them for healing & decoration. Programming your crystals helps them to work more efficiently, it is part of the ritual of working with crystals. As crystals are powerful beings in their own right, they need to be approached with respect. If you do this, they will be only too pleased to cooperate with you.

Many people like to have a "crystal day" when they cleanse their crystals and then meditate with them to attune more strongly to their energy. Doing this regularly enables your crystals to talk to you and to show you how you can use them to enhance your life and well-being. Taking time to cleanse your crystals is extremely important. Crystals are efficient absorbers & transmitters of energy. One of their functions is to cleanse & transform negative energies. If you leave your crystals without regular cleansing, most become saturated and unable to do their work, though a few are self-cleaning.

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