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Depression is not an easy thing to live and deal with, whether you suffer from it yourself or have a friend or loved one that is currently batting depression. When you’re depressed or feeling down and low in mood, your vibration is low and that is something that crystals can really help with. If you have depression or are worried about someone who does have depression, seek medical advice from a doctor. Crystal healing should be used in conjunction with any other prescribed medicines.

Smoky Quartz: This crystal is excellent if you’re feeling exhausted by depression or stress as it will ground your energy and balance your chakras leaving you with only the positive energy you need.

Smoky Quartz lifts your mood and removes fears and helps you to accept your situation while you’re going through it.

Tigers Eye: This crystal offers the perfect level of vibrational healing and works to ground your energy helping you to be more positive. The golden light within this crystal helps to increase your feelings of self-worth and self-love.

Tigers Eye is a protective stone which was traditionally used to ward off any ill wishes, curses or spells.

Tigers Eye protects your aura from taking on the negativity of those around you.

Lepidolite: This crystal absorbs any negative thoughts you may have especially obsessive thoughts.

It helps to open up your crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras providing balance and harmony. Naturally containing Lithium, Lepidolite helps to stabilise your mood and acts as an anti-depressant.

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