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Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss Healing Crystal Stones Angelite Mangano Calcite Rose Quartz Amethyst Apache Tears

Whether you have lost a loved one through a passing to spirit, divorce or separation, or by them leaving to take up a different path in life, crystals can provide a secure support on which to rest and through which to express all the emotions that will be flooding through you.

Crystals eventually bring you safely to a calm place of acceptance and forgiveness without by-passing or suppressing any of the very necessary stages of grief. One of the most potent healing gifts you can give yourself is forgiveness for any perceived wrongs or failings on either side.

Although everyone grieves in their own way and some people are internal and don’t show their feelings openly, while others find it impossible not to show how they feel. There are many ways that you can use a stone to alleviate grief and pain that is connected to the loss of a loved one. Choose a method that is comforting and easy for you to do. Here are some ideas:

  • Hold it in your hand and think of the person. Let the power of the stone alleviate the negative energy within you.
  • Choose stones to represent your feelings about the person, i.e. Rose Quartz for love
  • Meditate with the grieving stones listed below
  • Place some grieving stones in any location that reminds you of the person.
  • Wear crystal or gemstone jewellery and let them remove excess negative energies within you and in your environment

Angelite: Angelite is a great stone for helping you to cope with your grief because it carries a beautiful, soothing and calm energy that can help you to connect with angels. It is a strong communication stone, especially for spiritually based communication, it can help you to feel the presence of passed loved ones bringing through their energy to help you with your healing process. Angelite can also aid you in relieving any stress, anger or tension and can be very helpful at times when you might be finding it emotionally debilitating to cope with your situation.

Mangano Calcite: A loving stone for when you feel all is lost and you need angelic help around you to lift you out of the pit of despair. A natural trauma clearer, it heals your wounds and helps you to face the future with calmness finding hope in the darkness. It is particularly helpful if there has been a traumatic or painful breakup as it helps you to acknowledge the causes and let them go. If you have shut down emotionally, this beautiful stone fills you with unconditional love and opens your heart once more. If you feel that you can never heal the past, Mangano Calcite will show you that this is not so. It helps you to face your pain, embrace it and then let it go, filling the empty space with gentle loving inner joy.

Rose Quartz: Is the stone of excellence for healing a broken heart. It helps you to forgive where necessary, to find love for yourself as well as others & fills your whole being with loving support and spiritual nourishment. Surround your bed with Rose Quartz if you need a quiet, supportive space in which to express your feelings and find healing.

Amethyst: Dispels fear and anxiety & alleviates sadness and grief. It helps you to adjust to any loss you have suffered, absorbing pain & grief and offering spiritual protection and comfort. It connects you to your spirit guides and helpers. But Amethyst can also open your psychic senses and help you to communicate with a loved one who has moved on when the time is right. Place Amethyst on your third eye to open your inner sight and reach out to the other side. Your guides and helpers will assist if you ask them to.

Apache Tear: Is the perfect holder for your grief and for the emotions that accompany it. It accepts any negative feelings and transmutes them into positive beneficial vibes, holding a safe space for you to grieve. This is a stone of protection that wraps around your heart to give you the space you need to heal. If you feel hollow inside, it will protect that space until you can once again fill it with love.

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