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Inner Peace

Inner Peace Healing Crystal Stones Petrified Wood Snowflake Obsidian Moonstone Aquamarine Angelite Rose Quartz Lepidolite

Over time, stress and worry can deplete your energy leaving you feeling exhausted. One of the best things you can do in this situation is to reach for your crystals & focus on some self-care. Quite often, when we’re worried it’s because we’re not focused on the present moment - we’re worried about the past or the future. The right crystal can help you return to the here & now and ground your vibes. Wearing crystal jewellery is an easy & effective way to receive the energy of these crystals. Using them as bracelets on your non-dominant hand will allow you to receive the vibrations quickly. Necklaces, pendants & earrings will also aid in bringing continuous crystal vibes into your energy field. Carrying the crystals in your pocket, purse or briefcase allows the energy to flow into your aura when you’re not wearing them as jewellery. Even placing these crystals in your car can bring a sense of 'well-being' to your journey. At the work place, taping these crystals to the bottom of your chair is another way of letting the energy infuse your energy systems without displaying the crystals in public. For a more visible option, try placing them on a bowl on top of your work space or desk.

Having a picture of one of the crystals or a group of them as a screen saver on your computer also promotes the flow of energy to you throughout the day.

At night, these crystals can be placed under your pillow so that your aura has a chance to recharge with crystal vibrations at night. If using them under your pillow isn’t possible, place them under your mattress or on a bed side table.

Petrified wood: Placed between & just below your feet, this crystal is perfect for clearing your mind. It’s a very gentle stone which eases you back into your centre, helping you find balance and stillness.

Snowflake Obsidian: This crystal is said to balance yin and yang energies in your body. Placing it on your Root Chakra (found at the base of your spine) helps you change your thoughts from limiting to encouraging.

Moonstone: Positioning this crystal on your Sacral Chakra is thought to restore your energy levels and help remove negative thought patterns.

Aquamarine: Holding a piece of Aquamarine in each hand is said to create a wave of energy that can sweep through your whole body & wash away any fears and worry. It also acts as a reminder to release anything detrimental from your life.

Angelite: This is the best crystal for connecting with angels, ascended masters and spirit guides. Simply hold a piece to your Heart Chakra  and invite these healing beings to take away any of your stresses.

Rose quartz: When this pink stone is put on your Heart Chakra it can promote inner peace. It’s particularly good at allowing you to let go of any guilt or shame you have and encourages nurturing emotions instead.

Lepidolite: When placed at the Crown Chakra, this crystal is said to dissolve fear-based belief systems. It is also thought to balance the different sections of the brain, as well as promote emotional stability.

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