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Travel Healing Crystals Clear Quartz Smoky Quartz Carnelian Malachite Blue Lace Agate

Clear Quartz: Is one of the best crystals that will form a protective shield around you & your car. You can display a clear quartz on your dash or hang from your rear-view mirror. Every time you get into your car, take a moment to visualise a protective white light coming from the crystal and surrounding you. The presence of a Quartz crystal in your car will also help you to save fuel.

Smoky Quartz: Having Smoky Quartz in your car when you are driving will divert any negativity and channel it into positivity. This stone actively absorbs negativity from around you and helps to relax your mind, whilst guarding you when you are travelling in dark or remote places.

Carnelian: Said to be one of the best protection stones, helps to boots your focus when driving as well as protecting your car from accidents and physical injury during travel. It also protects you from accidents due to the environment or other people’s mistakes.

Malachite: Is a brilliant protection stone and makes for a great travel partner because it absorbs negative energy and pollutants. It has soothing properties and aids in eliminating any fears associated with flying as it takes care of the plane air helping to ease tension and taking care of your fears. This stone also helps with jet-lag.

Blue Lace Agate: This stone is a much more subtle and supportive stone. It is good to carry with you during travel as it has a harmonising energy which balances emotions and encourages self-confidence.

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