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Protection Healing Crystal Stones Tiger's Eye Hematite Amethyst Black Tourmaline Lapis Lazuli Garnet Charoite Peridot Kyanite Black Obsidian

Protection is deeply important. There are negative & draining energies all around us – whilst his is not something to be afraid of, it is vitally important that you protect your vibration in order to maintain your vitality and energetic flow. There are crystals that can prevent you from being negatively affected by unwanted energy or influences. It could be other peoples’ stress or emotional energy, ill-wishing, or psychic attack such as envy, fixation, jealousy, spirit attachment, manipulation, a run of bad luck, or even the bad vibes of a room, house, building or place.

Tiger's Eye: Counteracts the effect of the evil eye. This crystal shields you from manipulative energies & defuses them at the source.

Hematite: This crystal strengthens your shielding, it even looks like armour. It stops negative energies & pulls them down into the earth for transformation.

Amethyst: Like a burning violet flame, amethyst transforms negative energies which is perfect for dissolving harmful vibrations sent your way.

Black Tourmaline: This dark guardian absorbs harmful energies and neutralises them instantly.

Lapis Lazuli: This midnight blue crystal absorbs, filters and breaks up negative energies making them ineffective & harmless.

Garnet: Faceted garnet crystals are excellent protectors, they break up and burn away harmful energies.

Charoite: Is a stone that will help you transform negative energies so that you will have an aura & chakra clear of negative energies.

Peridot: Is a protection stone that will help you protect yourself from people or things that drain you of your energies.

Blue Kyanite: Is an important protection stone that will prevent you from being manipulated, bullied, coerced or deceived. It's a stone that will free you of anxious feelings & thoughts -  second guessing or doubting yourself. It will help you read between the lines and be more aware of what's happening around you. It will also clear the path for your financial success and it will help you have the right frame of mind all of the time.

Black Obsidian: Will protect you from bad fortune. It will give you the strength of body and mind to keep you inspired and motivated, no matter how many bumps in the road you encounter. A great protection stone that will shield you from any kind of physical, emotional or psychological attacks. It will help you bring repressed or hidden feelings to the surface so that you can air them out and begin the process of emotional healing. It is also a stone that will remove your emotional shock or trauma from a past relationship or partner. It will help you clean away past issues so that you will truly be able to start over.

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