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Alexandrite Birthstone Fairy Ornament - June

Alexandrite Birthstone Fairy Ornament - June

Alexandrite is the Birthstone of June-born people.

It is considered mainly as the stone of longevity and affluence. It pacifies and balances the mind and body of a person and gives emotional strength.

Used as a charm, it makes the person calm and peaceful, hence it is good for people who are short tempered. It boosts confidence and strengthens the self-esteem in a person.

Some people also believe that Alexandrite can clarify doubts about love and marriage when held. Alexandrite is a symbol of royal power and acts as an effective guardian stone.

It supports longevity, is a useful purifier and renewal stone.

This magical stone determines the health of the person by changing its colour.

Alexandrite is believed to purify the blood, strengthening blood vessels, and improving blood flow. Alexandrite also helps in healing the nervous system, reproductive organs and regenerates neurological tissue. It helps to relieve tension from neck muscles.

It has a powerful detoxifying action and stimulates the liver.

Position: Place as appropriate to you. It makes the wearer/carrier feel more peaceful, and it also fosters intuitive power and imagination.

This birthstone fairy makes a superb gift for those born in June.

Length: 4cm approx.
Weight: 64g

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