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Archangel Michael Token

Archangel Michael Token

Archangel Michael leads the angels of protection and is known as the highest of the Archangels.

He is usually pictured in male form, though angels are essentially androgynous, carrying a spiritual (sometimes flaming) sword with the most magnificent white or silver wings and an electric blue aura. He is one of the most accessible Archangels to work with as he is an extremely powerful angel and able to match his vibration better to ours at will. His presence is huge, and he can help great numbers of people simultaneously. He can be called upon for protection, courage, strength, justice and spiritual advancement, or in any scenario when seeking angelic help and unsure quite which Archangel to call upon.

He is essentially a spiritual warrior, who sometimes “adopts” those earth side who have the potential to be spiritual warriors incarnate to do some of his work.

A small two sided 'Archangel Michael' Token. One side has a raised image of Archangel Michael carrying his Sword, and the other side has the words 'ARCHANGEL MICHAEL' with his sword underneath.

Length: 2.2cm approx.
Width: 1.9cm approx.
Weight: 2g approx.

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