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Baby Boom Galaxy & Moon Necklace

Baby Boom Galaxy & Moon Necklace

The Baby Boom Galaxy is a starburst galaxy located 12.2 billion light years away.

Discovered by NASA's Spitzer Science Centre at the California Institute of Technology, the galaxy is the record holder for the brightest starburst galaxy in the very distant universe, with brightness being a measure of its extreme star-formation rate.

The Baby Boom Galaxy has been nicknamed "the extreme stellar machine" because it is seen producing stars at a rate of up to 4,000 per year (one star every 2.2 hours).

Length (Moon): 3.5cm approx.
Length (Galaxy): 2cm approx.
Width (Moon): 1cm approx.
Width (Galaxy): 2cm approx.
Weight (Moon, Galaxy & Chain): 11g
Chain Length: 23 inch approx.

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