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Bereavement Crystal Stones Bundle

Bereavement Crystal Stones Bundle

Are you or someone you know finding it hard to cope after the passing of a loved one? Then this bundle is the perfect gift or treat to yourself.

A bundle such as this can be carried around with you, used during Reiki or Mediation sessions and also kept under your pillow of a night while you sleep.

Each stone comes with a properties card and we will provide an affirmation card to help you cope with your grief which you can repeat daily or as and when you feel fit.

This Bundle contains

Amethyst: Amethyst alleviates feelings of sadness & grief. It clears blocked energy & may help you to move out of agony or depression sooner. It helps you adjust to any loss you have suffered, absorbing pain & heartache & offering spiritual protection & comfort.

Angelite: Angelite helps you to express your feelings of grief in a healthy way & intensifies a sense of connection with those who have passes. it also helps you to release any guilt that you may be holding on to.

Apache Tears: Apache Tears is the perfect holder for your grief & any emotions that may accompany it. It transmutes your negative feelings into positive, beneficial thoughts. It also helps to prevent further drain & damage of the aura.

Black Tourmaline: Black Tourmaline will bring any repressed issues to the surface to be resolved, helping to get rid of any feelings of guilt. it's also a gently grounding stone that can offer a great deal of relief. 

Rhodonite: Rhodonite helps you to deal with repressed grief. It can bring it to the surface to be experienced & releases in a healthy, loving way. Going through the process will allow you to heal & move on.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is a very supportive crystal. A stone of unconditional love it offers soothing energies to counteract the build up of stress that naturally occurs when going through the grieving process. 

We provide a gorgeous white organza bag to keep them in.

Cleansing your crystals
Your crystals will work best when they are cleansed & charged. Here are a few recommendations you could try:
1. Soak your crystals gently with salt water for up to 72 hours. (Don’t soak Selenite as it can dissolve)

2. Bury your crystals in the soil either in the ground or inside a healthy house plant for at least 24 hours.

3. Place your crystals outside or on a window sill under the sun or a full moon for at least 4 hours. (Don’t place Amethyst in the sunlight as it will fade)

4. Hold your crystals in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until they are fully immersed in the smoke.

Setting your intentions
When you first receive your Ascended Soul crystals, one of the most important aspects is to set your intentions with each crystal. To activate your crystals, find a quiet space to sit and hold crystals in both of your hands.

Take 3 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth fully releasing any tension in your body. Begin then to visualise a bright healing white light entering in through the Crown Chakra and see or speak your intentions for your crystals. Your crystals are now ready to use and bring you healing, love and light.

How to use your crystals

  1. Keep your crystals with you throughout the day
  2. Sleep with a crystal at night under your pillow or in your hand
  3. Place a crystal in a certain place in a room
  4. Place a crystal on top on your journal or a list of written intentions
  5. Meditate with your crystals placed on your body, in your hands or placed around you

Please Note: As these Crystals are natural stones there may be some variants in shape, size & colour.

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