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Yellow Jasper Tumbled Stones

Yellow Jasper Tumbled Stones

Yellow Jasper protects during the spiritual works and physical travel. It channels positive energy, making you feel physically better, and energises the endocrine system.

Yellow Jasper also stimulates the solar plexus chakra. It releases toxins and heals digestion to the stomach.

Jasper is known as the ‘supreme nurturer’. It sustains and supports during times of stress and brings tranquillity and wholeness.

Used in healing, it unifies all aspects of your life.

Jasper reminds people to help each other.

Jasper aligns the chakras and can be used in chakra layouts. Each colour is appropriate to a specific chakra. This stone facilities shamanic journeys and dream recall. It provides protection and grounds energies and the body. It absorbs negative energy and cleanses and aligns the chakras and the aura.

Jasper balances yin and yang and aligns the physical, emotional and mental bodies with the etheric realm. It clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation.

Psychologically, Jasper imparts determination to all pursuits. It brings the courage to get to grips with problems assertively and encourages honesty with yourself. It supports during necessary conflict.

Mentally, Jasper aids quick thinking, and promotes the organisational abilities and seeing projects through. It stimulates the imagination and transforms ideas into action.

Physically, Jasper prolongs sexual pleasure. It supports during prolonged illness or hospitalisation and re-energises the body.

Jasper supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs. It balances the mineral content of the body. It is particularly useful in as a charm because it does not overestimate the body.

Position: Place as appropriate in contact with the skin. Use for long periods of time as Jasper works slowly. Position on forehead, chest, throat, wrist or place over pain until it eases.

Cleansing your crystals
Your crystals will work best when they are cleansed & charged. Here are a few recommendations you could try:

1. Soak your crystals gently with salt water for up to 72 hours. (Don’t soak Selenite as it can dissolve)

2.Bury your crystals in the soil either in the ground or inside a healthy house plant for at least 24 hours.

3. Place your crystals outside or on a window sill under the sun or a full moon for at least 4 hours. (Don’t place Amethyst in the sunlight as it will fade)

4. Hold your crystals in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick until they are fully immersed in the smoke.

Setting your intentions
When you first receive your Ascended Soul crystals, one of the most important aspects is to set your intentions with each crystal. To activate your crystals, find a quiet space to sit and hold crystals in both of your hands.

Take 3 deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth fully releasing any tension in your body. Begin then to visualise a bright healing white light entering in through the Crown Chakra and see or speak your intentions for your crystals. Your crystals are now ready to use and bring you healing, love and light.

How to use your crystals

  1. Keep your crystals with you throughout the day
  2. Sleep with a crystal at night under your pillow or in your hand
  3. Place a crystal in a certain place in a room
  4. Place a crystal on top on your journal or a list of written intentions
  5. Meditate with your crystals placed on your body, in your hands or placed around you

Please Note: Stones will vary in shape, size & colour.

Length: 2.6cm - 4cm approx.
Width: 1.7cm - 2cm approx.
Weight: 11g - 23g approx.


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